Is Green Coffee A Scam

Green coffee bean pills are currently the top sales in the natural slimming pills category, head to head with garcinia cambogia. But these dietary supplements have not met the unanimity of both the nutrition profession and the people trying to reduce their weight. So what is the truth about green coffee? Is it a scam or a viable solution to losing weight?

The green coffee bean extract weight loss concept really took off in 2012 when Dr. Oz featured this product on his tv show. As millions of people watch this show and believe every word coming out of Dr. Oz’s mouth, when he touted this supplement as a miracle fat-burner, demand immediately started to surge. And the next day the shelves at vitamin shops were empty.

Benefits of green coffee bean extract

One year later demand for green coffee supplements has not diminished. One reason for such enthusiasm is that based on past studies people were able to lose weight by just taking the pills, without changing their diet or exercising differently. The only auxiliary element is that it is recommended to maintain a food diary while taking the pills. This will enable you to be more aware of what food you eat, hopefully leading you to better nutritional decisions.

With the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in America and elsewhere, overweight people count by the hundreds of million. The problem is that in our modern world where advertisement continually bombard us with commercials showing beautiful slim and fit models or movie stars, being fat is not an attribute of perceived beauty, on the contrary.

This is a paradox of our society that advertisement by food or drink companies tend to make us overweight with all the extra calories this leads to, while the image seen on most ads is that of thin people.

Does it help lose weight?

The result is that people are overweight but they like what they eat and do not want to change that. They do not want to go through the torture of dieting with all the restrictions this implies, as they cherish their pizza, hamburgers and doughnuts and could not live without them.

And they do not want to go to the gym either as this involves making rigorous efforts on a consistent basis in order to achieve a suitable level of fitness where most body extra fat has disappeared.

Because of the above what all these people dream of is a miracle fat-burner pill that will make them lose weight without changing their diet or exercising more, in other words without efforts. And this is exactly what green coffee is promising. This is what some recent studies and experiments show.

The problem is that these studies are not exhaustive enough to yet prove that this is the case. There is a good chance that green coffee and in particular some of its best antioxidants like chlorogenic acid have a positive effect on weight loss. But in order to be sure more in-depth studies are needed.